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Registered in 1996 (Charitable Registration Number: 89929 0241 RR0001) as
The Colin B. Glassco Charitable Foundation for Children

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Providing Clean Water in the Gwembe Valley

Trachoma is the largest preventable cause of a very painful blindness in Africa with the infection rate being as high as 45% amongst the children. Our program includes examination of the villagers, providing the medicine to treat those that are infected, educating them as to proper hygiene, performing surgery when required, and providing clean water by giving each village a bore hole ($6,500).

the Children


the medication


the education

Our Boreholes

In 2001 we sunk our first 10 wells and have been drilling every year since then. By the end of 2012 we had drilled over 450 wells (making us the largest private well driller in Zambia) and have now given everyone in the Gwembe District (about 60,000 tonga) clean water.

An old source

Providing Clean Water

One of 400 wells


It is very important to maintain these boreholes and so as well as setting up and training local water committees at each well site to handle simple problems, we have initiated a very large program to sustain these wells that includes village sensitization, the training of Pump Minders and an initial spare parts program. We also have two dedicated men in the valley who as well as dispensing the necessary medicine, also monitor these wells closely.

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Additional Benefits

Banana trees

A thriving garden

Kiln for making bricks